Coax Connectors

Coax connectors are a type of electrical connector specially made to maintain shielding of high frequency RF (Radio Frequency) transmissions through a coax cable. Coax connectors are specially designed to maintain impedance through a transmission line. Lighthorse Technologies INC manufactures a broad range of coax connectors for your RF applications.

Coax connectors vary widely depending on number of factors including space requirements, frequency requirements, mutability, durability, insertion loss & characteristic impedance among other factors. Please see Variables to Consider When Choosing Coax Connector Type for more information.

coax connectors have become increasingly smaller over the years since electronic devices have become smaller. This has led to a new revolution in micro-miniature connectors such as the IPX connector, which is 100% equivalent to all Hirose U.FL connectors.

SMA coax connectors

SMA connector image

SMA is the abbreviated version of Subminiature Version A. These are extremely versatile connectors that can operate at frequencies up to 18GHz. SMA connectors are medium-sized connectors making them ideal for a vast number of applications. SMA connector from Lighthorse Techologies Inc are designed to conform to MIL-C-39012 specifications... (read more)

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RP-SMA coax connectors

RP-SMA connector image

RP-SMA stands for Reverse-Polarity SMA connectors. These connectors feature the same design as SMA connectors. The major difference between SMA and RP-SMA coax connectors is which gender connector houses the contact pin. With RP-SMA connectors, the Female/Jack connector with the threads on the outside house the contact pin. RP-SMA male/plug connectors with threads on the inside do not house the contact pin.... (read more)

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IPX coax connectors

IPX connector image

IPX connectors are micro-miniature coax connectors. These are the smallest connectors that Lighthorse Technologies Inc offers. IPX connectors are 100% equivalent to all Hirose U.FL connector interfaces. These connectors are commonly found in small electronic devices such as cellular phones and Wi-Fi networking cards... (read more)

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BNC coax connectors

BNC connector image

BNC connectors feature a unique bayonet style mating mechanism which ensures a secure connection. BNC connectors are one of the most recognizable coax connectors and used widely mainly by the broadcasting industry. Most BNC connectors operate at a characteristic impedance of 75 Ohms... (read more)

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TNC coax connectors

SMA connector image

TNC connectors are very closely related to BNC connectors. The differences lie in the mating mechanism, TNC connectors feature a screw-type mechanism compared to BNC connector's bayonet style coupling. TNC connectors are ideal for outdoor applications due to it's durable characteristics... (read more)

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N coax connectors

N connector image

N coax connectors are exceptionally durable connectors which are designed to withstand adverse conditions. These connectors find widespread application due to their versatility and their inherent characteristics....(read more)

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SMB coax connectors

SMB connector image

SMB (SubMiniature B) coax connectors are subminiature connectors which are similar in characteristics but smaller than the SMA connector. These feature a snap on type of coupling which is easy for quick connection and disconnection. This is a tremendous time saver during installation while providing a reliable connection.(read more)

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SSMB coax connectors

SSMB connector image

These connectors from Lighthorse technologies are widely used for military radio equipment. This can be attributed to the small size, ruggedness and reliability in function.SSMB coax connectors perform well due to their vibration resistance and easy mating characteristics.(read more)

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MCX coax connectors

MCX connector image

The MCX coax connector has been designed and manufactured as a lightweight snap on sub miniature connector. It is similar to the SMB connector but distinctive in that it is smaller in profile. It finds application where lesser connection and disconnection forces are required and where the surface application requires minimal height off the PC board.(read more)

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MMCX coax connectors

MMCX connector image

MMCX coax connectors share similar characteristics of MCX connectors but smaller in profile. Commonly found in applications such as broadband and GPS equipment. MMCX connectors operate steadily up to 6GHz. Lighthorse carries a full line of high quality MMCX connectors for both coax cable and PCB attachment.(read more)

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SMC coax connectors

SMC connector image

Lighthorse Technologies offers high quality SMC coax connectors for applications where vibration and shock occur frequently.(read more)

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FME coax connectors

FME connector image

The slim design of the FME coax connector is ideal connectors for cables that are being threaded through tight spaces. These connectors operate steadily up to 2GHz. Lighthorse Technologies manufactures high quality FME connectors.(read more)

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Mini-UHF coax connectors

MINI-UHF connector image

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PL-259 UHF coax connectors

PL-259 connector image

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SO-239 UHF coax connectors

SO-239 connector image

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F coax connectors

F connector image

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