SMA Coax Connectors

Lighthorse Technologies Inc manufactures a wide variety of SMA connectors. SMA is the abbreviated version of Subminiature Version A. These are extremely versatile connectors that can operate at frequencies up to 18GHz. SMA connectors are medium-sized connectors making them ideal for a vast number of applications including broadband routers & other Wi-Fi networking devices. Plating is available in Gold or Nickel. Mating mechanisms in SMA connectors feature screw-type coupling. Male/Plugs are threaded on the inside and house a contact pin, while Female/Jacks are threaded on the inside and do not house a pin. Reverse Polarity SMA connectors are commonly found on 2.4GHz antennas and feature reverse-gender contact pins, i.e. female/jack houses the contact pin.

Lighthorse Technologies Inc expert staff will work with you to choose the SMA connector which is perfectly suited for your application. We are among the best trained engineers in the field and also possess the capabilities to assist you in designing custom SMA coax connectors for your specific application. We also produce SMA coax cable assemblies. Our factory in San Diego, CA can accomodate orders of any volume. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or quote requests related to SMA connectors.

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