SSMB Coax Connectors

SSMB coax connectors are micro-miniature connectors which are similar in design to the SMB and the SMC but smaller in size by 1/3. This characteristic of size makes them suitable for applications with confined areas also in part to their lightweight nature. They are commonly used with RG-178 and RG-316 coax with diameter ranges of 0.070 to 0.120 inches. SSMB connectors feature snap-on or slide-on coupling mechanisms for ease of connection. These connectors operate well up to a frequency range of 6 GHz. Lighthorse Technologies manufactures SSMB connectors at precise tolerance levels. SSMB connectors from Lighthorse feature gold plating for added durability.

These connectors from Lighthorse technologies are widely used for military radio equipment. This can be attributed to the small size, ruggedness and reliability in function.SSMB coax connectors perform well due to their vibration resistance and easy mating characteristics. These connectors feature a 50 ohm impedance and conform to strict military standards. They are suitable for standard flexible and semi rigid cables and PCB and panel mount versions are also available depending on your requirements. Lighthorse Technologies manufactures quick-turn SSMB coax cable assemblies at our factory in San Diego, CA. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your SSMB connector requirements.

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