BNC Coax Connectors

Lighthorse Technologies manufactures high-quality BNC coax connectors which remain very popular in RF applications and falls in the lower spectrum of the price scale. BNC connectors are unique in their physical characteristics in that they employ the bayonet style of coupling which is highly suited for applications where disconnections are frequent. The BNC connector's nickel plating makes this connector among the most durable of all coax connectors.

BNC coax connectors are medium sized connectors which find common use in broadcast equipment particularly for audio and video connections & computer networks telecommunication equipment. Most BNC connectors feature a characteristic impedance of 75 ohms even though some are available at 50 ohm. Other applications dependent on the inherent characteristics are those for voltages and frequencies below the 500 volts and 3 GHz respectively. These connectors are constructed of phosphor bronze and are nickel plated and accommodate the crimp, solder, the one piece twist-on and the clamp styles of cable termination. Quick-Turn BNC connector coax cable assemblies are custom made by Lighthorse Technologies and are available in any length or production volume.

Please do not hesitate to contact Lighthorse Technologies Inc with all of your BNC connector/cable assembly needs.

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