MCX Coax Connectors

The MCX coax connector has been designed and manufactured as a lightweight snap on sub miniature connector. It is similar to the SMB connector but distinctive in that it is smaller in profile. It finds application where lesser connection and disconnection forces are required and where the surface application requires minimal height off the PC board. Lighthorse technologies manufactures both 50 ohm and 75 ohm MCX coax connectors. The MCX connector male/plug has six radically spaced outer contacts for mounting.

The MCX coax connector features a broadband capability up to 6 GHz and is best for application where weight and physical space requirements are restricted. It accommodates miniature RG flexible coaxial cables and semi rigid cable by crimping or soldering. The main appeal of these connectors is due to the fact they are high quality and relatively inexpensive. Common applications lie in cellular base stations, GPS, PCB applications, WLAN and instrumentation equipment. Lighthorse Technologies manufactures quick-turn MCX coax cable assemblies at our factory in San Diego, CA. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your MCX connector requirements.

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