MMCX Coax Connectors

MMCX connectors are some of the smallest coax connectors available. Their small size is advantageous to space cricital applications. MMCX connectors feature a lock snap coupling mechanism which permits a 360 degree rotation. This property enables flexibility on PCB layouts. These coax connectors operate at a maximum frequency range of 6 GHz and are most commonly found in broadband equipment. Most MMCX connectors operate at 50 ohms. They are available in straight and right angle designs and are commonly attached to standard semi rigid and the flexible cables.

MMCX connectors from Lighthorse technologies Inc conform to the European CECC 22000 specifications. A wide variety of the MMCX coax connector configurations are offered including surface mount, cable connectors and edge card interfaces. Other common applications include Satcom, broadband communication, base stations, PCMCIA cards and radio boards. These connectors are relatively inexpensive.

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