SMB Coax Connectors

SMB (SubMiniature B) coax connectors are subminiature connectors which are similar in characteristics but smaller than the SMA connector. These feature a snap on type of coupling which is easy for quick connection and disconnection. This is a tremendous time saver during installation while providing a reliable connection.

SMB connectors are ideal for frequencies up to 4 GHz and operate at a 50 or 75 ohm impedance. SMB coax connectors with different impedance ratings can be cross mated without the insertion loss. The SMB coax connectors are available in the nickel, tin lead and gold plated varieties. These plating options offer corrosion resistance at different capacities and characteristics that enhance soldering ability. The slide-on plug and jack for the SMB PCB permits board to board mounting without excessive force. Lighthorse technologies offer these connectors in compliance to the MIL-C-39012 standards. Get them today for application in cable assemblies, radio boards, GPS and PC/WLAN among many other uses. Lighthorse produces custom SMB coax cable assemblies at our factory in San Diego, CA.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding a quote for SMB connectors or SMB cable assemblies.

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