SMC Coax Connectors

SMC coax connector's (short for subminiature C) exhibits interface dimensions which are similar to those of the SMB connectors. These connectors conform to the MIL-STD-348 standard which confirms standard inter-coupling. Unlike SMB connectors, SMC connectors feature thread coupling design which can range anywhere between 10 to 32 threads depending on the length of the housing. This solid connection ensures that the connector is vibration proof and as such is therefore suitable for application where vibrations and shock occur. The connectors are available in the 50 ohm and the 75 ohm impedances. They are recommended for frequencies which are to a maximum of 4 GHz.

SMC connectors are distinct in characteristic in that the plug carries the female contact while the jack carries the male contact. SMC connectors are ideal for applications such as mobile communications with low VSWR, GPS tracking, WLAN equipment and radio boards. Even though the SMC coax connectors are found on the higher price spectrum, there is use of die cast components in non vital components to realize low cost solutions are possible. The connector body is brass while the insulator is Teflon.

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