TNC Coax Connectors

TNC coax connectors share similar characteristics with BNC connectors but have some differences in the mating capability. The TNC coax connectors have threaded coupling which is better adapted for applications where vibrations are present. TNC coax connectors from Coax Connector are high quality products which are manufactured to MIL-C-39012 standards. Our connectors are available in 50 ohm and 75 ohm applications with operation frequencies of up to 11 GHz. The 50 ohm connectors are an exception with frequencies up to 1 GHz.

TNC coax connectors from Lighthorse Technologies are durable and reliable. They are constructed for aircraft and missile applications and also for military hardware where extreme vibrations are the factor necessitating their use. They are also used in radar equipment and cellular communication equipment. Nickel Plating makes the TNC connector a top choice for outdoor applications. Lighthorse Technologies produces TNC connectors which conform to Military Specs. Mating receptacles are made of brass and are gold plated while the connector body is made of nickel and is nickel plated. TNC connectors feature teflon insulation and O-Ring gaskets are made of silicone rubber. TNC connectors are available for Cable or PCB termination. Bulkhead & Panel mount TNC connectors are also available for mounting. We also produce quick-turn TNC coax cable assemblies custom made to any length or production volumes.

Please do not hesitate to contact Lighthorse Technologies with all of your TNC connector/cable assembly needs.

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