RP-SMA Coax Connectors

Lighthorse Technologies Inc manufactures high quality RP(Reverse Polarity) SMA coax connectors. This non-standard type SMA connector finds common application in Wi-Fi and WLAN systems and is the most popular reverse polarity RF connector. The reverse polarity characteristic is achieved with a reverse mating interface in which the RP SMA connector male houses the female receptacle while the RP SMA connector female/jack houses the center pin. Custom designs of the RP SMA connector can be produced exhibiting other features such as reverse threading.

The RP SMA Coax connector cannot mate with the standard interface SMA connectors due to the reverse interface. The available orientations of the RP SMA connectors which we offer include straight and right-angle. Lighthorse Technologies also offers bulkhead RP-SMA connectors which feature a longer thread length for mounting on walls or panels. All coax connectors produced by Lighthorse Technologies conform to MIL-C-39012 standards. We also offer quick-turn RP-SMA coax cable assemblies cut to any length at any order volume. Please do not hesitate to contact Lighthorse Technologies Inc with all of your RP-SMA connector/cable assembly needs.

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