FME Coax Connectors

FME coax connectors are a type of connectors which have found great acceptance all around the world after their original design was created for the European wireless markets. They have various orientation and interfaces such as straight crimp types and rotating nipple features. These connectors are easily attached to coax cable. The se connectors have the threaded mating design enabled by the M8xP0.75 standard threads on the plug and the jack. FME connectors are commonly used for GPS, mobile and WLAN communications.

FME coax connectors are availed at 50 ohm impedance and to a frequency range which steps up from DC-200 MHz and to 3 GHz. The connector body, coupling sleeve and the crimp ferrule are made of brass and are nickel plated. The male contact is made of brass while female contact of phosphor bronze and both are gold plated. FME connectors are adapted for the BNC, TNC, Mini-UHF, N connector and UNF interfaces through the Between Series (BSA) adapters.

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